3 Ways to Protect Your Shorelines

If you are lucky enough to own or have regular access to a home with shorelines, you know how important it is to protect that investment from the natural elements. The water close to your property may provide hours of fun and entertainment, but it can also wreak havoc if not contained. There are many ways to protect your shorelines and therefore protect your property.

  1. Use of Rip Rap or Other Rocky Materials. Rip rap is a good fit for many types of shorelines because it can be easily molded to the contours of the land, while still providing protection from the waves. Rip rap is usually installed with a protective sheet underneath the actual rocks to ensure that the sediment underneath will maintain its integrity.
  2. Planting of Vegetation. Erosion is one of the main problems with shorelines and can eventually lead to problems such as flooding and other damage. When planting vegetation along your shoreline, the system of roots will work to prevent soil erosion. In this case, it is always helpful to consult with a local gardener to ensure that you plant the correct type of plants for the area.
  3. Construct a Sea Wall. Sea walls are structures that are built to protect shorelines from high or low-energy waves. There are many different factors that will determine which type of sea wall will be best for your area, such as location, wave energy, and more.

When it comes to protecting your waterfront property from erosion, flooding or other damage, the first step is to ensure that your shorelines are well protected and taken care of. It is always a good idea to consult with an experienced marine construction professional to ensure that your shoreline is protected with methods that match up with the topography of the land.


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