rip rapLiving alongside a pond or lake is wonderfully peaceful and enjoyable. But if you believe the appearance of your waterfront property could be enhanced, then why not consider having rip rap installed? It’s the perfect thing to change the way the area between the water and land looks. Talk to us at Renegar Construction about river rock and rip rap because we are marine experts who serve Lake Norman, as well as other parts of North and South Carolina.

Rip rap can be made from different types of stones, the most common being limestone and granite. However, the type of stone we use for your project is up to you, as long as you remember not to let the aesthetic benefits of river rock and rip rap overshadow the many functional benefits. Rip rap works by absorbing a wave’s energy before it reaches the shore, where it could potentially damage buildings and other structures. Moreover, it helps to slow down the rate of erosion.

Because a large number of stones are used to construct rip rap, the building process can often get expensive. With us, this is not the case – we strive to keep our costs competitively low without sacrificing quality in any way. So if you have any marine concerns regarding your waterfront property, please speak to us. We are well-known throughout the Lake Norman area as being highly professional, dependable and experienced. We also offer a range of other services, including dredging and the construction of seawalls, piers, docks, boat houses and boat slips. Contact us today for more information.