Boat SlipsBoat slips are increasing in popularity among many boat owners, especially those looking to have a more protected area to keep their craft moored. There are a few important differences between boat slips and boat docks, and knowing what you need most can help you determine the difference.

First, boat slips are open on one end only, while boat docks leave three sides open to the water. Marinas and other similar locations prefer boat slips for a number of reasons. First, more craft can be moored along a pier when compared to traditional docks, and boat slips provide more mooring points, leading to a space that can more securely hold the craft.

Second, boat slips can protect boats from more wave action. Proper mooring can keep a boat securely in the middle of the slip, preventing extra bumping and grinding that might happen along the dock. These slips can also somewhat mitigate wave action towards the shore they shelter.

Third, boat slips make boarding the craft more secure, which can be especially useful during less than ideal water conditions. A cover over the boat slip can also protect the craft long-term from sun-induced fading, storms, and other weather events.

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