Boat DocksIf you are going to be using public boat docks, then be a good neighbor and follow these common courtesies:

  • Dock Stern In- Especially if you have a large bow or pulpit. No one wants to bonk their head on your boat; plus, it will be easier for you to board and unload from the aft anyway.
  • Go Slow- No wake zone means NO wake zone.
  • Fuel and Move- Do not linger at the fuel docks after fueling your boat. This is a constant source of irritation among regular boaters and a sure way to rub people at boat docks the wrong way.
  • Keep the Dock Clear- Keep lines and cords neat, and make sure they won’t cause anybody to trip when walking along the boat dock. Remember the dock is a common area, not your personal locker, so don’t leave any gear, food, or garbage out on the boat dock.
  • Don’t Blast Your Tunes- If you want to play some music or watch TV, go ahead! Just be respectful of your neighbors and their eardrums. Also make sure to follow any listed quiet hours at the marina.
  • Always Ask Permission Before Boarding Another Boat- Enough said.
  • Don’t Incite Ramp Rage- When you are on a launch ramp, quickly and efficiently launch your boat, and then exit the area. Don’t tie up your boat at launch areas, and if you have a partner who needs to be picked up, make use of the courtesy dock if one is available.