When you visit a lakeside property for recreational water use, you will recognize that there are multiple ways to launch your watercraft into the body of water. Usually there is a paved road that extends into the water, allowing the user to simply back the trailer holding the watercraft into the water, let the craft become buoyant, and then detach the watercraft and pull the trailer away. Once the craft is in the water, the question of getting off and on it becomes an issue. This is where boat slips and docks come in!

The Difference Between Boat Slips and Docks: Which Is Right for Your Lake House?

There are a few differences between boat slips and docks, although they both will allow an individual who is on land to enter their watercraft without getting wet in the water. It is important that individuals are well aware of the safety precautions when using boat slips and docks, and stay safe by wearing non-slip shoes and a properly fitting PFD (personal flotation device).

The Difference Between Boat Slips and DocksBoat slips mainly differ from docks in that boat slips are not as open in space as a dock. Boat slips resemble parking stalls for watercrafts, whereas docks are more open and may only have one large t-shaped section.  When it comes to choosing between boat slips and docks for your lake house, it may be helpful to consider how many different types of watercrafts will be used. In a secluded area with minimal types of crafts, a dock should meet your needs. In a heavily used area with many different watercrafts, however, a boat slip may be a better choice.

When it comes to deciding between boat slips and docks for your lake house, it is always beneficial to consult with an experienced marine construction company like Renegar Construction. We can help you determine what will be best for your needs and your budget.