For any waterfront homeowner, dredging can provide many benefits. Just a few include removal of unwanted silt buildup, safe boat access, increasing channel depth, and widening the channel. From an environmental perspective, the purpose of dredging is to restore natural barriers that protect shoreline properties from disappearing into bodies of water.

If You Think Dredging Is Relatively Easy, Think Again!

Many people see dredging as a relatively simple task. However, excavating materials from beneath the water’s surface can present a multitude of problems, and if errors are made, the extra costs can be exorbitant. Also, there can be numerous risks when working in hostile natural environments.

If You Think Dredging Is Relatively Easy, Think Again!Moreover, dredgers are expensive to buy and run, and their operating rates and capital costs can only be justified by high production and high utilization. For both the operator and the client, production is important for successful dredging.  However, since it’s difficult to work underwater, the beneficial results of dredging are seldom visible.

For the above reasons, a dredging project needs to be properly designed and supervised. From an economical perspective, it is also essential that everyone involved has a proper appreciation of what can and what can’t be achieved. Always enlist the services of a dredging professional who will follow strict specifications to ensure the job is done safely and properly. When it comes to such a large project, experience counts for everything.

P.S. When screening construction companies that specialize in dredging, be sure to find out if they provide disposal methods to either move the excess material to a specified off-site location or utilize it on the property.


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