Pier ConstructionIf you currently own waterfront property, constructing a pier is a great way to utilize the benefits of living by the water and open up more ways for you and your family to take part in water activities.

The first and most important step in constructing a pier is planning. What do you want to use the pier for? Do you want a pier just to fish from? Or do you want it to accommodate a boat? Do you want to develop it for commercial use, a restaurant or viewing station? At Renegar Construction, we can build any kind of pier to suit your needs, and we particularly specialize in pier construction for dock systems. We can also build any additional marine structures, such as a boat house or slip.

Once you have decided what kind of pier would best suit your needs, we will examine your property and figure out the best location for your pier and what method of pier construction will be needed. We can work with all kinds of terrain, and we have years of experience with dredging, installing retaining walls, and shorelines. No need to fear– we can prepare any area to properly and safely construct your pier on.

If you are ready to reap all the benefits of living by the water and are interested in pier construction, then give us a call! We can give you more information about our services and even provide a free estimate.