dredging in Lake NormanAt Renegar Construction, we can perform boat slip, lake and canal dredging to increase the value of your Lake Norman or Lake Hickory waterfront property. We offer maintenance dredging for marinas, private canals, commercial sites, residential docks and condos. We have the technology, the tools and the know-how to make waterways deeper and more navigable.

Whether your dredging project involves removing the sediment under one boat slip or moving thousands of cubic yards of mud, we have the equipment, the engineers and the experience to get any dredging job done properly.

Maintenance dredging provides greater depth for boat slips, as well as improved usage. Many boaters are restricted by water depth when they want to enjoy sailing. We can help! Our labor-efficient and environmentally friendly dredging techniques can boost the value of your waterfront property by increasing the depth of your water area with slip, dock or canal dredging for better access.

Our engineers have developed dewatering and dredging processes that allow for environmentally friendly and economical projects. These processes involve the use of conservative marine equipment and technological innovations for speedy removal of sediments around bridges, lifts and docks in rivers, lakes, ponds and canals.

During the process, dredged materials are pumped into sealed containers where truck access is available. Then the cleaned return water is piped back to the original location. We take every precaution to protect all environmentally sensitive resources.

From dock systems and seawalls to rip rap, floating docks and dredging services, we can help with any project in the Lake Norman and Lake Hickory areas of NC. Contact us today for more information.