How Did Rip Rap Get Its Name?
Some of us never stop and wonder why something has been given a particular name. If you are needing some rip rap for your shoreline, you may only be wondering what it is going to cost you and if it will provide the results you need, namely to control erosion. Others have inquisitive minds and want to know why it is called that. Here’s a hint – it has nothing to do with music.

To understand where rip rap got its name, we must look at each word separately, even though sometimes you’ll see it as riprap instead of as two words. First, the word rip has been a nautical word for more than a century. It refers to the rippling that a body of water will do when there are underwater elevations. Rap, besides the musical connotation, means to blow or stroke against something. You may have heard it as a child when your parent threatened to “rap you upside your head!” when you were misbehaving. We also use it as a name for knocking on a door.

So, let’s put it together now – rip rap – and if you envision rippling water reaching the shoreline and pounding on it forcefully, it makes sense that rip rap would be used to reduce the harmful affects of that action. Do we know for sure that this is where the term came from? Not really, but it sure makes enough sense to appease a curious mind.

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