Rip Rap & River RockRip rap & river rock are terms that many people may not know about, nor the benefits they may bring to waterfront property. To best understand how this material may benefit you, your property, and your shoreline, there are several important points to understand.

First, rip rap & river rock describe the same construction, which involves using large pieces of stone or other resilient material to protect and in effect armor a shoreline from erosion due to the movement of water. This includes regular wave action, scour, and ice movement during winter months. In addition to the protection of the shoreline and any structures that may be nearby, rip rap & river rock can greatly alter the appearance of the shoreline, creating a cleaner delineation between the land and the water, whether that water is part of a pond, lake, river, or stream.

Second is the type of stone most often used for rip rap & river rock purposes. Most installations of this type use either limestone or granite, although many other types of stone can be used in addition to certain artificial materials. Because of the material-intensive nature of this type of shoreline protection, it’s important to choose the right material for the job and especially the right firm to install it. Improper materials or execution of the project can result in shoreline protection that is ineffectual or fails long before the lifespan of this type of project would suggest.

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