you need a new dock on your waterfront property

When you spend a lot of time on the water or on your watercraft, you know that one of the most important parts of the day is simply the entrance into the water! The ability to get onto your watercraft quickly makes for a much more enjoyable day of fun and sun. Some properties don’t require a dock, but the ones that do depend on their docks to enable them access to their water. At Renegar Construction, we have come up with a few ways for you to determine if you need a new dock on your waterfront property. Let’s find out if any of these situations sound like yours!

First, and possibly most important, does your property have a dock? If you have a new property or one that you recently purchased, you might not have taken note of the lack of a dock or thought it might not be relevant. If you don’t have a dock and a dock would make your time on the water easier and more accessible, then you need a new dock.

Second, is your dock in good shape? Docks are constantly dealing with conditions that can be deteriorating. Wind, water, and waves are all excellent at breaking down materials — just look at polished pebbles and sea glass! If your dock is old or falling apart, you should consider a new dock.

Finally, is your dock safe? If you have a dock that has seen better days, you don’t necessarily need a new one. An ugly dock isn’t the end of the world. However, if your old dock is also unstable, then you need a new dock.

For help constructing a new dock or a quote on a new dock, contact us here at Renegar Construction.