DredgingIs your dock due for an upgrade?  Maybe you just bought a larger boat, but your dock area off your property doesn’t have enough depth to bring your new boat in.  Dredging can completely change your underwater landscape to allow your new boat some elbow room.  Dredging is basically underwater excavating.  Dredging can be accompanied by underwater retaining walls to maintain the desired depth under your dock boat slip for your new floating leisure cruiser.

Another typical reason to dredge is to clean up the water quality near your dock.  You should determine beforehand whether or not the sediment is causing the water quality issue.  Most dredging companies can supply you with a water quality audit that will tell you if you have need of dredging due to the state of your water.

Another common reason for dredging is to make the area near your dock better for recreation.  Whether it be wading or swimming off the dock, dredging can make a clear area to play in and enjoy.  Make the most of your waterfront property by investing in dredging services and creating a water wonderland you will love.