Types of Sea WallsA sea wall is a man-made structure that will protect your shoreline from waves and subsequent erosion. Not only can a sea wall prevent erosion, but it can also aid in the protection of any man-made structures near the beach, such as homes and parks. There are several different types of sea walls, and a skilled marine construction company can help you determine which type is best for your shoreline.

  1. Vertical Sea Walls – Just like the name implies, vertical sea walls are essentially a vertical wall built to keep the high energy of the waves from eroding the shorelines. These sea walls are best for areas that have lots of larger waves for long periods of time. While they prevent the shoreline from being eroded, these sea walls take a beating from the continued waves and may need regular maintenance and repairs.
  2. Curved Sea Walls – Curved sea walls will follow the shoreline and have more of a curved structure, instead of the rigid vertical design of vertical sea walls. They are very effective at dispersing the high energy of the waves. Because each sea wall is unique to the shoreline, curved sea walls can come with high engineering and construction costs.
  3. Mound Sea Walls – The name “mound sea walls” hints at the materials used to build these sea walls. Usually built from mounds of sandbags, rocks or dirt, these mound sea walls will protect a shoreline in times of emergency or can be rebuilt for more permanent structures.

When considering sea walls for your shorelines along Lake Norman or any of the other lakes in North or South Carolina, it is very beneficial to consult with us at Renegar Construction.