Dock Builders, Lake Norman, NC

We Are Professional Dock Builders & We Can Build Custom Fixed Docks and Floating Docks On Your Lake in NC & SC!

Dock Builders, Lake Norman, NC

One of the most important services dock builders must provide is the experience to know which type of dock is best for a particular location. The dock builders at Renegar Construction have many years of experience and can take the project from conception through engineering and construction.

As professional dock builders, we can build both fixed docks and floating docks. We analyze the area to find out if water levels are consistent enough to have a fixed dock, or if a floating dock would work better. To do this, we must first determine the highest water level of the body of water. Since most lakes have a runoff drain, that is usually the high point, except under extreme circumstances. When building a dock, we must also be sure to use only quality products that can stand up to being in the water for many years without deteriorating.

Another thing dock builders have to keep in mind is whether to recommend railings along the side of the dock. While this is not often required by codes, it is a good idea to protect children and others from falling into the lake. This is not only to protect the family, but also others who might wander onto the property.

Renegar Construction is a full-service marine construction and repair specialist, so whatever comes up during the planning of a dock, we are the dock builders capable of handling it. If your Lake Norman or other waterfront home or business in North or South Carolina is in need of a dock, contact the professional dock builders at Renegar Construction.


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