Build SeawallsThe only constant thing in the world is change. Most of the time, we are able to accept this point, but when it comes to our shorelines, we try to change this constant in order to protect it! Seawalls are a great way to keep the relentless waves from eroding your shorelines and eating the sand and rocks out from the foundation of your docks and homes. However, as with all building materials, the materials you use to build seawalls should be carefully considered.

Wood beams are a great option if you need to build seawalls on a budget. This lower-cost option is a flexible one since wood beams can be fairly accurately shaped to fit the shoreline closely. They also can be chemically treated to resist rot from constant water exposure, making them a good low-maintenance choice.

Steel and aluminum will be longer lasting than your wood beam seawalls, although they will also be much costlier to build. However, because you can build these seawalls without concerns as to height, then they will withstand the heavy waves much more effectively.

Concrete is probably the most popular choice when you build a seawall, and with good reason! This very stable material is able to mold to the shoreline beautifully, withstand rot, rust, waves, and will do so for decades. One must use professionals, however, since building seawalls from concrete requires a lot of expert knowledge to have it done correctly.

If you are in need of a seawall, we would love to help you. Please call us at Renegar Construction today, so we can help determine the materials to build your seawalls!