Shorelines & SeawallsThe ocean and its tributary bodies of water have always been a source of wonder to those who live nearby. One of the most impressive aspects of water is its power. The constant movement of waves driven by wind and tidal forces can drastically reshape coastlines in a very short time, and can threaten property and structures if left unchecked. Artificial shorelines & seawalls can be an effective way to preserve property and provide effective harbor and shelter from the waves.

The exact construction of shorelines & seawalls are as particular and unique as the places they occupy. It’s imperative to take all of the various factors around the potential shoreline or seawall into account in order to not only prevent erosion, but to work with the existing land and water forms for a solution that is effective, efficient, and pleasing to the eye. In addition, a seawall must be prepared to weather the constant presence of water. Improper, imperfect, or hasty construction can cause a seawall to fail long before its time and cost you much more in the long-term due to more expensive and frequent repairs or replacement.

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