What would be better suited for your lakefront property – a fixed dock or a floating dock? Here’s some insight from the expert dock builders at Renegar Construction.

Fixed or Floating? Here’s What the Expert Dock Builders Have to Say

First, you need to consider what your low table water level is, as well as your full pond water level. When considering a floating dock or a fixed dock, the lake water level is a major concern. Floating docks rise and fall, depending on the lake’s fluctuating level:

Floating Dock

When considering a fixed dock for your lakefront property, the dock builders at Renegar Construction explain that this refers to a pier that you walk on to, and then descend down 3 platforms. It looks like this:

Fixed Dock

The step-down platforms can accommodate fluctuating water levels.

Extremely long cable lifts are installed on a fixed dock to suspend your boat and release it in the water at lower levels. With your fixed dock, 7 feet of water at full pond is deep enough for a boat to be maneuvered in and out of the lift successfully.

Another important consideration is where your lakefront property is located. Is it tucked into a calm cove? Is it in a high wake or wind area? Is it in a high boat traffic area? In a high wake, wind or traffic area, a fixed dock would be the best choice. In this type of environment, a floating dock can be a problematic, unpleasant experience. The dock will sporadically move up and down and make all kinds of strange noises.

As you can see, there are many influencing factors, and they all need to be addressed. It’s always best to consult with professional dock builders for guidance.


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