How to Prevent Erosion with Rip Rap & River RockFor many centuries, people have been living near bodies of water and depending on them for their survival. During this time, humans have developed many different ways of harnessing the power of the water without sacrificing their living quarters next to the water. Even with all the modern technology of today, preventing erosion with river rocks and larger rocks, known as rip rap, is a common and effective practice.

Rip rap & river rocks are effective in erosion prevention because they prevent the soil or sand from being cut away by the sweeping action of the water. Rip rap differs from river rock in size and material, although their end purpose of erosion prevention is the same. Rip rap is usually larger in size, roughly hewn, and made of granite or marl, whereas river rocks are smaller and smooth on all sides.  Both materials are usually laid on top of a special sheet of material that will prevent the underlying soil from washing away.

While it seems like an easy task to dump some rip rap & river rock along a shoreline to prevent erosion, there is actually quite a bit of skill and knowledge that go into the installation of these materials! Skilled construction workers and engineers will study the size of the shoreline, the velocity of the water and waves, the slope of the land, materials present, etc. Because each shoreline is unique with its own features, it is a good idea to consult with a professional about the individual needs of your shoreline. A skilled professional will be able to tell you if rip rap & river rock will meet your needs, or if there are other options you can take to prevent erosion and maintain your shoreline for many years to come.


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