Totaling 39.9 million acres, reservoirs and lakes are a major water resource in America. They provide the country with 70 percent of its drinking water, and water for hydropower, irrigation and industry. Lake ecosystems offer habitats for endangered and threatened species and support complex food web interactions.

They are also the backbone of numerous state tourism industries and the cornerstone of America’s $19 billion freshwater fishing industry. In addition, they provide endless recreational opportunities. One of the biggest is Lake Norman in North Carolina.

shorelines in Lake Norman

The US Environmental Protection Agency says that lakes with poor habitats on their shorelines are three times more likely to be in poor biological condition than those with good quality shorelines. Scientists looked at the type and amount of shoreline vegetation, such as trees, shrubs and grasses, to make their assessment. This vegetation stabilizes the soil along the edge, protects a lake from the effects of polluted runoff, and provides shelter, habitat, food and coolness for fish.

But shorelines do more than that. They also increase the value of lakefront properties, which generate millions of dollars in revenue. Research shows that when water clarity decreases, so does the value of lakefront properties. Many property owners unintentionally harm their shorelines by clearing out submerged branches and logs at the water’s edge, replacing natural vegetation with lawns and cutting down trees to improve views.

When we undertake projects such as dock systems, seawalls, rip rap, retaining walls or dredging in the Lake Norman and Lake Hickory areas of NC, we always keep the environment in mind. Please contact us at Renegar Construction today for more information.