rip rapIf you are new to shoreline stabilization techniques, you might not know what rip rap is. Rip rap is a great option when it comes to erosion control. It basically includes covering the eroding area with rocks or stones that are large enough to remain in place permanently even under the pressure of beating waves.

So why choose rip rap to fight your shoreline erosion?

  • Rip rap is aesthetically pleasing. The stones give a unified, finished look to your property. The overall effect is that of a professionally landscaped shoreline.
  • Rip rap has proven effective in protecting shorelines from waves and loss of property from runoff. It can be used to stabilize slopes and keep your property from washing out over time.
  • This is a fairly easy method of shoreline stabilization and costs less than installing a retaining wall. The installation is simple and won’t take a long time to do. The maintenance is easy, leaving you with more time to enjoy your waterfront property.
  • Rip rap may also improve your water quality; it prevents settling of sediments which helps the water near your shoreline remain clean and clear.

Rip rap can add a lot to your waterfront property. If you are looking for help with your shoreline stabilization or want to know more about your options, contact Renegar Construction today.