rip rap in Lake Norman

Rip rap is an arrangement of rocks and other materials to prevent erosion from water. It is most commonly used on shorelines. It was, in fact, one of the first forms of erosion control, and was used on the dams in the Panama Canal when construction began in the early 1800s.

Rip rap is most commonly used on shorelines of rivers and creeks to prevent erosion caused by the movement of water. But, these aren’t the only places you’ll see it. It’s often used on steep-graded hills to prevent erosion related to weather, such as rain.

It can also be used to create habitats for wildlife when built over bulkheads, which, when covered by water, make a perfect shelter for small creatures.

In places where the rates of erosion are very high, rip rap can be placed in front of seawalls. The seawall serves as good erosion protection, and the rip rap in front of it works to prevent dirt at the bottom of the seawall from crumbling away. Moreover, this assists in absorbing waves.

Construction is preferable in marina type settings and inlets where there are no serious erosion problems. The correct installation of rip rap has a huge impact on its effectiveness, so it is vital that it is done by a specialist contractor.

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