Rip RapMany people love spending time on the water with their boats. There’s nothing quite like charting your own course on the open water with nothing but waves around you and your boat beneath you. Once you return home, are you as happy with your slice of shoreline as you are with your seafaring vessel? If the answer is no, our team at Renegar Construction would like to offer a simple and very effective solution: rip rap.

Rip rap is comprised of large rocks and boulders that are strategically arranged around your shoreline to create an aesthetically pleasing and useful sight. These larger rocks are an easy way to mark off your piece of shore, and they look great while doing so! The dominating features of the rip rap contrast nicely with the calmer features of the water, beautifying any piece of land.

In addition to being an eye-pleasing feature, rip rap is also very useful, especially to those of us who own shorelines with some kind of gradient to them. Rip rap will ensure that much of your shore will stay put through rough storms and rainy days. Rip rap dissipates much of the energy of incoming water, so that your shoreline won’t erode away as quickly.

Because rip rap needs to be placed with expert care, we would love to assist you with rip rap placement. Here at Renegar Construction, we can help you have rip rap fitted specifically to your shoreline for the best results for both looks and efficacy. Contact us today and let us help you get down to business with rip rap.