ShorelinesIf you own a waterfront property, you are going to be faced with shoreline erosion and the problems it brings.  All shorelines are exposed to natural erosion processes from waves and changing water levels.  If you do nothing and watch the erosion take its course, you will see your land diminish each year as more of it is washed away into the water.  This can cause extreme property damage, especially if your home is located close to the water.  To prevent loss of property and keep your shorelines looking great, try some of the following techniques:

  • Re-Vegetation: You can plant shrubs, trees, or other vegetation that naturally grows in your area to try to stabilize your shoreline.  The roots from these plants will grow deep into the earth and hold on to the soil and sand even in the face of heavy waves.
  • Matting: This technique involves spreading out living materials along shorelines to create a sort of mattress.  You can use grass, living plant cuttings, and woody branches that will sprout roots. The idea is similar to that of re-vegetation; the plants will sprout roots and grow into the ground, thus stabilizing the shoreline.
  • Rip Rap: You can use vegetated or stone rip-rap to protect your shoreline.  This method is of a higher difficulty, so you may want to call us to make sure it is done correctly.  Rip-rap is often used when re-vegetation & matting do not work.

If you are facing serious erosion issues, a retaining wall may be the answer.  Retaining walls are effective at preventing erosion of shorelines and will give you piece of mind when it comes to your waterfront property.