Floating DockWhen you live close to a water source, it practically calls to you once the weather starts to warm up! All boat owners have felt the pull from the water, the pull to get back to nature and feel the waves beneath their feet while spending time with loved ones. However, once it is time to return back to land, have you given much thought about the path you will cross to encounter the shore? Here at Renegar Construction, we would like to propose you consider the option of the floating dock.

A floating dock differs from a fixed dock in that it, wait for it . . . floats! While it may seem like a silly answer, the truth is that many people think of a dock as a fixed and rigid system, one that is immovable when it doesn’t have to be. A floating dock is a great option for any boat owner, especially if you visit during many different times of the season. Because water heights can vary by the difference of feet in just one season, a floating dock will provide you with the option of using your boat during high tide or low tide, without having to make adjustments to how you will exit and enter your boat!

While your dock may be able to withstand the rising and falling of the water around you without skipping a beat, you never need worry that it won’t be there when you return. Floating docks are anchored to the sea floor in order to ensure that they will be where they are needed from day one to day 100. If you want to learn more about floating docks, we would love to talk to you. Call us at Renegar Construction today!