A Floating Dock Is Well-Suited to Lakes with Fluctuating Depths

Let’s set the record straight. Not every floating dock is created equal. The best float is one with a long lifespan, one that will maximize your investment, and one that will also protect the marine environment.

A Floating Dock Is Well-Suited to Lakes with Fluctuating Depths

To achieve all this, it’s vital to work with an experienced dock construction company – dedicated professionals who design and build new docks with high-quality materials. They will have constructed many docks according to different specifications, and they can work with you to create a perfect floating dock.

A floating dock doesn’t need much in the way of a support structure, and it can be secured to a shore. As such, there’s no contact at all with the bottom of the lake. Floating docks are a good choice for people who live on waterfront properties with fluctuating depths, or busy waterways that frequently get battered by big wakes and waves. This type of dock is also especially attractive to anyone wanting to minimize the impact that other types of docks may have on the environment.

Since the dock is floating on top of water, the amount of space between the water and the dock (freeboard) remains constant, meaning the dock won’t end up high and dry, or under the water.

If you live in South or North Carolina and you want an affordable and practical, or elegant and custom dock solution, the professionals at Renegar Construction can build you a floating dock to fit your lifestyle and your lakeshore. We also specialize in new construction projects, ranging from single-stall to large docks with iron substructures, as well as add-ons to existing docks.