Boat SlipsMany vacationers may think of owning or renting a home that has direct access to a beach. However, more and more are choosing waterfront properties that have boat slips instead of beaches. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about this new shift titled, “Beachfront Homes Snubbed for Marina Properties.” Check it out here.

The article basically says what we have known all along: owning a home with a dock is better than one with a beach. Why? For one, beachfront properties are often overpriced because of the coveted access. Owning a waterfront home, on the other hand, still gives you access to the water (through boat slips, dock systems, and decks) but with a lower price tag. You get more for your money—often times a bigger, nicer house without losing any of the benefits of water access.

Another reason people are choosing marina properties instead are because they have easy access to recreation by being closer to their boat. Boat slips located on the property provide a permanent spot for your boat to dock. Many think that a day out on the water in the boat is much better than a day on a sandy beach. Think about it: you can still do the things you love to do on the beach (lie out and soak up the sun) without any of the downsides (sand in your swimsuit). On a boat, you also have the option of accessing deeper water and experiencing other recreational activities like water skiing, tubing, or sailing.

So what do you think? Do you agree that the best way to go is a home with water access but without the added expense of the beachfront? Leave your response in the comments.