Retaining Wall

If you live near a body of water or your property has drainage issues, you are probably familiar with the hassle of water damage.  In some areas and climates, rain can present a big problem for homes.  Many homes were built without drainage consideration and sit low on the property relative to the source of excess water from rain, and this can lead to basement flooding.  Retaining walls can provide a barrier from the current flow path and direct the flow of excess water in a direction that is not harmful.

While retaining walls can be costly, the costs are small compared to the cost of repairing the damage done or the property equity lost from a flood.  In fact, landscaping with retaining walls will increase your property value, as well as provide a more aesthetically pleasing yard.  Many times a retaining wall will provide a level surface for a flower or shrub garden that you may not have had an area to plant otherwise.

Retaining walls are a great choice when you are trying to find a solution to water drainage problems including—but not limited to—those involved with shoreline erosion.  Take advantage of what a retaining wall can offer your property.


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