Uses for Retaining Walls and Important Features to Implement
Retaining walls are an ideal option for controlling erosion, particularly when you have waterfront property, as well as making a sloped property more useful. Retaining walls can also be used to direct water, so you can move it where you want it and keep it from where you don’t. The important thing when installing retaining walls is to include important features that will give you long-lasting results.

  • Drainage – A nice, beautiful wall of modular block or natural stone used to tackle a sloped property won’t stay in place long if excessive pressure is rendered against it every time it rains.
  • Quality Materials – Retaining walls last longer when built with quality materials. This is especially important when near a body of water. Water is a powerful force on any material, so the lower grade ones don’t even have a chance.
  • Professional Installation – Putting in retaining walls takes experience and knowledge to get right. You’ll get a better result if you don’t make this a DIY project. You may also have more options to select from, so you can better match and complement the existing features of your property. The better your retaining walls look, the more they’ll boost the value of your home, making hiring a professional a smart move.

Here at Renegar Construction, we have a reputation for building some of the most functional and aesthetically pleasing retaining walls in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area. Whether you need a small retaining wall for its beauty or to provide a necessary function, count on us for great results. Contact us today to learn more about our reliable and affordable services.