Rip Rap & River RockIf someone were to talk to you about rip rap, would you know what they were referring to? Is it a musical group? A new talk show? The latest diet fad? Rip rap is actually a term that refers to a type of rock. Usually made of granite that’s been crushed, most rip rap stones are quite large, almost one foot in diameter and flat. These rocks can be man-made or natural.

River rocks are usually smaller in diameter than rip rap and have smoother edges and sides.  The color of river rock also differs from rip rap in that river rocks are often more vibrant in color, wet or dry.

The uses for these materials vary, but rip rap & river rock are commonly used as tools to prevent erosion of land from water. This can be done by using large mounds of rip rap & river rock, or by creating a type of channel to divert the water away from the area in danger of erosion. Usually, before placing the rip rap & river rock, it is recommended to place a large sheet of specialized fabric over the area. This fabric will ensure that the sand or material underneath the rip rap & river rock isn’t washed away, compromising the effectiveness of the rip rap & river rock.

If you have an area that is continuously eroding and endangering an area of your land or property, a channel or mound made out of rip rap & river rock may be beneficial to you. It is always helpful to consult with a professional construction company to ensure that your property isn’t literally washed away by a poor job!


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