Floating docks are nice in many ways, but here we visit some of the best features.

  1. Floating DockA floating dock adjusts height automatically with shifting water conditions. This is a major advantage over fixed docks which remain at fixed heights relative to the water floor. As the water rises and falls with tides or seasons, a floating dock will maintain the same level relative to your boat, canoe, kayak, or jet-ski. This can be a real back saver and reduce the risk of falling in the water if you don’t feel like getting wet!
  2. Floating docks are very easy to install and remove. If you live in a cold climate during winter months, the ability to remove your dock may be desirable. This could be especially true due to floating ice sheets during fluctuating freezing and melting. Regardless of the need, the portability of a floating dock is a very nice feature.
  3. Since our state is exposed to hurricanes and tropical storms, a floating dock may be the best choice for safety reasons. In these cases of extreme weather, the water level can fluctuate rapidly, and the force of the water could break off pieces from a fixed dock. These broken pieces become dangerous debris that can damage your boat or other property. A floating dock will not do this since it does not resist the strength of the storm; it rides out the weather in style.


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