For owners of expensive waterfront homes, as well as beach lovers, coastal erosion is typically a one-way trip. Beach nourishment and other manmade techniques that involve dredging sand from offshore sources and depositing it along other vanishing shorelines might slow down the process, but nothing short of some major geomorphic change, such as global cooling, will stop erosion completely.

Unfortunately, Erosion of Our Shorelines Is an Ongoing Problem

Erosion is defined as the removal of sand from beaches to deeper offshore waters, or alongshore into bays, tidal shoals and inlets. Such erosion can be caused by a number of factors, including flooding of the land by rising sea levels as a result of melted polar ice caps.

Unfortunately, Erosion of Our Shorelines Is an Ongoing ProblemThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 80 to 90% of America’s sandy shorelines have been eroding for decades. Often, an individual beach loses only a few inches each year, but sometimes, the problem is much more serious.

Of particular concern is the effect that global warming has on our shorelines. It not only causes sea levels to rise, but it also results in an increase of frequency and severity of harsh storms that exacerbate erosion. While rising sea levels set the stage for landward displacement of shorelines, storms supply the energy required to move sand off beaches.

So, what can be done to save our shorelines? The construction of bulkheads and seawalls along coastal properties can protect homes from damaging waves. Besides this, the only other thing that can be done is for us all to make a collective, conscientious effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


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