Boat houses are very popular features among waterfront homeowners. Just like the process of designing an actual home, there are infinite design options when it comes to creating functional and attractive boat houses. Designs can range from simple and classic structures, to custom multilevel facilities.

Ways to Add Functional Value to Boat Houses

There are, however, several things that you and your designer/construction company need to consider before you can create the boat house of your dreams.

  • Ways to Add Functional Value to Boat HousesYour building site needs to be carefully considered. What type of water body are you near? Do other boating enthusiasts use the water frequently? Where does the sun set and rise in relation to your property?
  • Consider either mobile or permanent sun covering if your waterline gets lots of direct sun. Your time outdoors will be more enjoyable if there are no sunburns!
  • If you live near a high-traffic water space, consider adding privacy walls.
  • Functional value can be added to boat houses with a little forethought. For example, retractable glass doors allow you to enjoy the water when the bugs are out in full force, or on rainy days.
  • Consider your personal interests. A young family with children will want different specifications than a couple who enjoys boating with close friends.
  • If you enjoy several water hobbies like water skiing, fishing and boating, or if you frequently host guests, extra storage is a must for boat houses. You don’t want to be lugging equipment back and forth from the main house.
  • You could even add a living space to your boat house if your family is large, or if you frequently host weekend guests.


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