New Dock

If you love sailing, boating, and other water activities, living in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area is like being in heaven. You may not be gaining all the benefits you could, however, if your waterfront property doesn’t have a dock. Here are seven main advantages of building a new dock that you should consider.

1.  Boat Security – If your boat is at a marina, you may worry about it being safe and secure. With a new dock, you have eyes on it and have peace of mind that you can protect it yourself from being damaged, stolen or vandalized as it could be at the marina.

2.  Time Savings – You can enjoy a full day out on the water when you avoid the time lost going to and from the marina.

3.  Minimal Effort – If you do not keep your boat at a marina and instead trailer it back and forth, you know how much effort that takes. With a new dock, your boat is ready when you are without all that work.

4.  No Fees – Renting a slip and dealing with rising marina fees is spending money you never recoup. By building a new dock, you have made an investment in your property that increases the value tremendously.

5.  No Crowding – Marinas can often become crowded, particularly during the height of the season, so you may not have availability when you need it. 

6.  Customization – You are stuck with whatever the marina provides if you go that route, but with your own new dock, you can personalize it to your specific needs (subject to regulations, of course).

7.  Multiple Uses – You can do just about anything you want with your new dock. It won’t only be good for securing and accessing your boat, but you can also relax on it, fish from it, or enjoy a host of other things.

If you would like to know more about a new dock at your home, give us a call at Renegar Construction. We have 15 years of experience and can walk you through the permit process, construction options and process, and how to get the most from your new dock. From fishing to yoga, your new dock will be an amazing addition to your lifestyle.