Your little slice of paradise is nestling on a spot of beautiful open shoreline, and it’s beckoning. The only thing missing is a bridge between fun on the water and fun in the yard. Your cabin needs a place for swimming, fishing and tying up the boat. It needs a dock! However, for most of us, buying a new dock is not as simple as heading down to the lumber store and joining some planks together.

The Construction of a New Dock System Depends on 4 Key Factors

That’s why you should enlist the help of a professional dock builder to inspect and evaluate the following:

  1. The Construction of a New Dock System Depends on 4 Key FactorsA location on your property with maximum natural access to the water shoreline will have to be found. The dock builder will take a close look at the shoreline to establish if the slope leading to the water is gradual or steep. Is it in a wide-open, clean space? Is it rocky, or shrouded with vegetation?
  2. The dock builder knows that no two lakes are the same, so the next step in determining the best type of new dock is to establish what the lake is made of. Is its surface calm or wavy? Is it shallow or deep? Is there a strong current?
  3. He’ll also need to take a close look at the lake bottom. Is it silty or rocky? This information will significantly influence the type of dock.
  4. Finally, the dock builder will check with your city, county and state governments, as well as your local lake association, to find out if there are any construction restrictions and/or permit issues that might affect the choice or placement of your new dock.


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