What to Consider When Building Boat Houses
Depending on what you want to accomplish, planning out boat houses can be nearly as involved as building a new home. You have many of the same things to consider, such as permitting and regulations, durability, longevity, space requirements, and usage. When you consider that boat houses can be anything from a bit of coverage for a small boat to including living and entertainment space, it makes sense to consider all your options when building boat houses.

First and foremost, be careful to stay within regulations for boat houses for your area. A good way to be sure you do that is to work with a knowledgeable builder of boat houses that will be sure all necessary permits are obtained before starting the project. They will be an important part of the planning stage, so you don’t face fines or end up with a structure you must tear down. Save yourself the hassle of making design changes later.

Once you’ve settled on a plan for your boat house that fits your needs, regulations, and budget, be sure to consider the quality of the build. Just as you wouldn’t want to have your home built by an inexperienced builder, you want someone that knows how to build boat houses properly and uses quality materials to do it. Your boat house can’t protect your boat if it fails to last and it is even worse if it falls on it during a storm.

From planning to completion, we believe you’ll love what we have to offer here at Renegar Construction. Whether you want something basic to protect smaller watercrafts or something more elaborate, we’ll make sure your project goes as planned while keeping within regulations and providing long-lasting protection and enjoyment. In addition to boat houses, we build seawalls, docks, retaining walls, and more to make your Lake Norman, North Carolina waterfront living the best it can be.